The Secret of The Great Pyramid: Khufu Revealed (Ancient Egypt History Documentary)
4500 years ago, a civilization that knew nothing of iron tools, wheels or pulleys built the Great Pyramid of Khufu. For centuries, its construction remained an unsolved mystery. But recently, a French architect disclosed a revolutionary theory: the pyramid may have been built from the inside out. Using the most advanced scientific 3D technology, Jean Pierre Houdin tested and re-enacted the construction of Khufu’s tomb. He believes that an internal spiral ramp is still there…. just waiting to be found.
Combining scientific investigation, magnificent CGI and re-enactments, this film will unveil the true genius of the ancient Egyptians. How Khufu’s “Horizon” — as Egyptians used to call the pharaoh’s final resting place — was “rediscovered”, “opened”, analysed and measured, etc. How all the previous research, theories and mistakes enabled Jean-Pierre Houdin to design this unique re-constitution of its construction.
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