If only Christians especially black people, would only search the scriptures for themselves and see for themselves, they would find Galatians 4:24 and realize the whole Jesus Christ story is all an allegory because it is also said that Jesus Christ came from the lineage of Abraham and the story of Abraham according to the scripture (Galatians 4:24) is said to be an allegory. All one has to do is check the meaning of the word allegory . The original Hebrew language is a language of symbology, it was never a language that you explore with the breath. In other words all I am saying is that it has always been a mystical language, if I didn’t discover my mystical energy I would not have known that I am a mystic. I would have continue to be a “Christian Comedy” (White Man’s Puppet), also I would have continue ignorantly in idolatry. As you can see Moses (Your Higher Self) must experience Egypt to be able to deliver others from Egypt, thus the reason why I spent twenty five (25) years in mental slavery (Christianity), but it was for me to gain my experience to lead me to meet the pillar of fire and to lift me to the 9th power. So that I can be a true deliver (savior/leader) to the Hebrew race (The black race).

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