We set off on our quest to form Arabia. Or maybe not form Arabia. Or actually form Arabia (As I find out in a later episode). 15 years of massive population growth is honestly, probably the sexiest thing I’ve seen in this game so far. MMMM THOSE POPS!

Egypt is in an interesting starting position in the 1836 start date for Victoria 2. Under the heel of the (waning) Ottoman Empire, there’s a very real possibility of undermining Turkish rule and becoming a power in your right, possibly forming the cultural union of Arabia. With a moderate population size, Egypt, combined with the increased depth the Historical Project Mod gives, can become a great power in this world. Perhaps even the greatest.

The Mod being used is the Historical Project Mod. The mod aims to make the 1836 start date as historically accurate as possible, as well as improving all other aspects of the game to make them line up to reality in history.

Link to the mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/historical-project-mod


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