These are surely the OLDEST legends of the EXCAVATION OF EGYPT!

The Melusine Legend tells of something bizarre and frightful. It’s really hard to interpret this legend, presumably because it’s a combination of legends. Then it would all make far more sense. It seems something to do with an Egyptian excavation of some place in Egypt, possibly, in deep antiquity, but then again it could really have taken place anywhere at all!

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It’s really weird. The legend as I take it is from “the mysterious past”, by Robert Charroux. There must have been many many excavations of the Great Pyramid by invaders in deep antiquity but barely anything survives, which is just crazy!

We propose it is a memory of a biotech cloning experiment held in deep antiquity. It is of course, ancient science fiction which was then absorbed into a medieval legend. It originates in western Europe, possibly a remnant of the ancient biotech systems and sciences of the past Supercivilization.