The name Manetho (Μανεθώς often Μανέθων written) can be explained as “The Truth of Thoth”, and under the nineteenth
Dynasty has described as “First Priest of Truth Thot “. “Manetho” is from the Coptic “groom” “herdsman” “horse” but the word does not seem to occur elsewhere as a own name. Under the name of Manetho, the Suidas seems distinguish between two writers: Manetone of Mendes in Egypt, chief priest who wrote about the making of Kyphi and Manetho Diospolis or Sebennytus, works “A Treatise on Physical Doctrines “and” Apotelesmatica “(or Astrological
Influences), in hexameter verses, and other astrological works.
He describes himself as “High priest and scribe of the sanctuaries
sacred of Egypt, born in Sebennytus and lived in Heliopolis “. TO
Manetho we owe the division into thirty dynasties history of ancient Egypt, the exigencies that is partly confirmed also from other sources such as the Royal Canon. In reality the work of Manetho, Aegyptiaca, has not survived and it we know only a few fragments through the works Rear historians who wrote of using epitopes the work manetonian.

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